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Chiang Kuo-ching's exonerated; who's responsible?
One Miscarriage of justice is more than enough.
2 Sep. 2012
Produced by Judicidal Reform Foundation

A mother who lost her son
A mother whose son was wrongfully executed 15 years ago
mutters to herself that she is lucky

Her son was exonerated
That the government admits its mistake
is not enough
We are asking the judiciary
for an investigation of responsibility

Wang Tsai-lien (Chiang Kuo-ching's mother)

Even now
There are many unjust cases
I am more lcuky

That my son is innocent is more important
not the compensation

I am thankful for the help from JRF and these lawyers
They kept helping me
We would not be able to get here without their help

He was heavy, you see
I called him 'Dudu'
Because he was quiet, he was called 'Dudu'

He was quiet, you see
He was like this
He became more outgoing in elementary school

He went to Chu-Lin Private Elementary School
He was a small waiter at our hotel
Everyone was around
I was at the reception
Everyone got along well
His father did not spend much time on managing the hotel
He was closer to his father

His father brought toys for him from Japan
I saw him fold and bend
He turned it into a ship, or something else
sometimes into Super Mario
He wanted to play video games
I was worried whether he came back from class or not
so I hired private tutor for him

After he graduated from high school
he was conscripted into the military in 1995

He was happy to be assigned to the Air Force
How could we know what would happen later?

We got the news from TV
The military did not contact us
When we saw it on TV
We went to Gongguan

The military did not contact us
We were not informed

They just said he was 'sent away'
We did not know where he was 'sent'

At the first meeting
My husband asked my son
'Just tell me whether you did it or not'
I heard him; I was there
He said,
'Dad, I don't know anything
They said they would save me if I admit
otherwise I would be condemned to death'
So my husband said
He said
'My son did not do it.
I will fight on no matter what'
My husband
he would have been around and healthy

[video courtesy of Apple Daily Taiwan]

Chiang Kuo-ching was tortured and interrogated
Beside exhausting interrogation
he was forced to watch postmortem video of the little girl
was threatened with electric batons
and was beaten
He was interrogated while being forced to stare at strong light
He was forced to confessed through physical exercises
He signed the confession
because he could not stand it any longer
The military told him to kneel down in front of Chen Chao-min, begging for clemency
By doing this, they told him that he would get a lighter sentence
He later denied his confession and his involvement
He was sentenced to death by the military court nonetheless
13 Aug. 1997
He was broguht to be executed at one of the abandoned shooting ranges of the Air Force

Although Chiang Kuo-ching was declared innocent by the judiciary in September 2011
his father could not see this

I heard of his exoneration from the news on TV
Or the lawyers told me

It is not over yet
Although Chiang Kuo-ching was declared innocent
the prosecution is still unwilling to investigate the responsibility of Chen Chao-min
Rather than waiting for the action of the officials
it is more helpful to join us to push for reform

As for my son's case
no one thought we would succeed
If JRF could help us like this
impossible is nothing

One miscarriage of justice
is more than enough

If you hope that JRF can keep watching the judiciary
to prevent future miscarriage of justice
If you hope that there is not another Chiang Kuo-ching
Please act immediately
You can join us as a volunteer
You can make a donation to us
Both Chiang's mother and JRF
need your continuing support




Producer / Lin Feng-jeng
Camera / Kuo Tsung-wei
Editor / Chiu Li-ling
Translator / Lin Wei-sheng


Song / On the Steps of Snow (M. Tournier)
Performed by / Shannon Chieh
From / "Scarlet Sarabande" compact disc, 2009

Special Thanks

Wang Tsai-lien (Chiang Kuo-ching's mother)
Chiang Chi-an (Chiang Kuo-ching's father, died in 2010 / Chiang Kuo-ching was exonerated in 2011)
James Tu 
Apple Daily (Taiwan)

Produced by Judicial Reform Foundation

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