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The Judicial Reform Foundation is committed to advancing legal reform by uniting the power of the people in order to establish a fair, just, and trustworthy judiciary for the people.

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Our Values

In realizing its mission, the Judicial Reform Foundation embraces the following core values:

  • Fairness and Justice.
  • Diversity and Accessibility.
  • Professionalism. Innovation. Criticism.

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Vision Statement

The vision of the Judicial Reform Foundation is to ensure a society in which all people benefit from a fair, just and trustworthy judiciary.

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The principal objectives of the Judicial Reform foundation are:

  • To harness the power of civil society to advance judicial reform
  • To improve the justice, transparency, and democracy of the judicial system
  • To end unfair and negligent treatment of the people by the judiciary

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In Fall of 1994, a group of reform-minded lawyers from the Taipei Bar Association decided to found the Judicial Reform Foundation based on the belief that judicial reform must come from the bottom up rather than the top down. This idea was gleaned from the lawyers’ experience working on the ineffectual Judicial Reform Committee established by the Taiwanese government. During their time on the committee, the lawyers came to see that the dream of judicial reform could only become reality by combining the power of civil society to push for change. As such, these lawyers gathered and united the power of the people, giving birth to the Judicial Reform Foundation.

From November of 1995 when the Judicial Reform Foundation first began to lay the foundations for its establishment until it obtained official status two years later in May of 1997, all members contributed any way they could - whether it was time, money or energy. Law firms donated space to host the Judicial Reform Foundation, allowing the fledgling organization to save on utilities, office supplies, and other such overhead expenses. Everyone enthusiastically undertook all kinds of work; no task was too big or too small. The members were of one heart and one mind, striving to create an enduring organization for judicial reform. Two years later, not only did JRF successfully raise the requisite TWD $10 million in funds to establish a legal foundation, but more importantly it also attracted passionate compatriots from all walks of life. Be it academics or practitioners, the JRF combined knowledge and action in the march towards judicial reform.

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Join Us!

We strongly believe that the work of judicial reform must be inclusive, proactive, and sustained such that, one day, the judicial system will be a fair, just, and trustworthy one. It is also through such a judicial system that we will be able to realize a more ideal society. Thus, right now, we wish to sincerely invite all those who share our love for Taiwan and are willing to commit to its further and continued improvement to join our ranks!

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Judicial Reform Foundation

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